Book Shelf: Full Colour Cromulence (By Crom! Book 2)

Author: Rachel Kahn

By Crom is a weekly(ish) single panel gag comic, in which Toronto-based artist, Rachel, confronts the anxieties of modern urban life with the ever helpful comment of Conan of Cimmeria. This volume marks the comics’ shift to a stricter format, lovely watercolours and much cleaner inking.

It makes me smile. Every. Single. Time.

The playful juxtaposition of old-school escapist fantasy and millennial angst is always a treat. Whether it be laughter in the face of existential crisis or an armed assault on the depths of the dryer in search of that last sock, Conan always has a laconic wisdom to add to the situation. ‘Live the moment as fully and deeply as you can because evil wizards and moldy dishes are always ready to ruin your afternoon’. And sometimes he just helps you walk the dog and eats all your strawberries. Barbarians are like that.

The book also features essays about why Conan is awesome and guest artists showing off they interact with their own spirit guides. They are three flavours of awesome sauce.

The strips can be viewed at Weald Comics and this volume may be purchased on Big Cartel.

Verdict: Classic

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