Book Shelf: Meka

Author: JD Morvan and Bengal

So it’s a giant robot comic, kinda my wheelhouse right there. But the story follows a two-person pilot team of a giant robot fighting in an massive interplanetary war. During their first sortie as a team they get shot down by enemy forces and are abandoned by their own people. the rest of the brief 96 pages are spent trying to survive unfriendly locals, their own relative inexperience, and questions of loyalty to their government. And then space pirates show up for a sequel hook.

The art is astounding good, with impressive use of camera lens-like effects to show off scale and emptiness. The action is well realized, the characters are emotive and the colours are freaking beautiful.

Ultimately, I wish there was more here. The low page limit and decompressed pacing for the first half leave out a lot a world building or bigger plot.

Verdict: Get it.

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