Episode 137: Flag-Raising Intensifies – Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans


Newest gundam show features orphans and they don’t ruin it.

Hosts: Dan, Jeff, Jim and Scott

Blood and Iron

Fuck you Ticketmaster
Gundam Info Thunderbolt
Guy at the Fantasy Shop
Nintendo’s E3
Man Machine Poem
Strange Little Birds
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

Intro: The Bomb Busters
Outro: Voyageurs

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  1. Cameron Berg

    Well, there was this one time, we were stuck on this boat, and on that boat there was this guy with muscles the size of my head and a mechanical arm, and he was carrying around what Zeke the Drummer claimed to be a sword. Me an’ Zeke argued for hours about it, because, in my opinion, it was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron. Now, the thing you have to understand is that we were all on that boat for what felt like seven years. And seven years stuck on a boat can do things to a man. Horrible, horrible things. And that’s how poor ol’ Zeke the Drummer died- on a boat.


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